Request for Proposals from Stanford Faculty

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We seek proposals from Stanford University faculty for workshops that would address specific ways in which behavioral science can be used to solve important problems. We are particularly interested in workshops that potentially could lead to research programs or programs that translate existing findings and theory into useful products, policies, or procedures. CASBS has the infrastructure to help faculty organize and run workshops (ranging from one day to two weeks in duration), and can host such events in our three conference rooms and large meeting room. We have a rolling deadline.

If you are interested in organizing such a workshop, please provide us with the following:

  1. Name and affiliation of the organizer(s)
  2. Topic of the workshop
  3. The ideal outcome from the workshop
  4. The disciplines from which the participants would be drawn
  5. The proposed number of participants
  6. The proposed date
  7. An estimated budget

Please send this information in a pdf file to Associate Director, Sally Schroeder: