CASBS is organized around a variety of programs that work together to create a stimulating environment for a community of scholars, experts and thought-leaders while supporting their work on specific problems. A recent focus of CASBS is using behavioral science to solve important real-world problems. CASBS has three main programs and these are their goals:
  1. Individual Residential Fellowship Program – Bright, active, individual scholars and scientists in "translational" and "foundational" behavioral sciences are key to the success of CASBS. We are looking for scholars currently engaged in using behavioral science to address important problems as well as those who are grappling with intellectual issues that can provide the context for translational behavioral science.
  2. Working Groups – A variety of short-term and long-term group projects are supported at the Center. These can range from 1 week to 5 years in duration and members of groups may be in residence full-time or partially during the project life-span at the Center.  These projects are focused around specific topics and seek to apply behavioral science findings to real-world problems.
  3. Practitioner Program – This program is currently on hold.