Individual Residential Fellowship

About the Program The Center offers a residential postdoctoral fellowship program for scientists and scholars from this country and abroad. Since 1954, CASBS Fellowships have been awarded to scholars working in a diverse range of disciplines. These include the five core social and behavioral disciplines of anthropology, economics, political science, psychology and sociology as well as scholars from a wide range of humanistic disciplines, education, linguistics and the biological sciences. We expect Fellows to ask challenging questions of themselves and others. We also expect Fellows to work hard on their scholarly pursuits. Individuals who have been here often describe their center experience as productive, transformative and the best year of their entire career.  In addition, we expect members of group projects to define metrics for "success," and periodically to evaluate their progress according to those metrics. Fellows Program Activities Many activities offer Fellows significant opportunities to engage with one another (as well as with other accomplished scholars on Stanford campus):
  • a symposium series in which Fellows are invited to present and discuss their work
  • informal work groups that emerge during the year, which give Fellows with broadly overlapping interests a basis for sustained conversation
  • public meetings of special projects in residence, which give Fellows a chance to learn more about these projects and to engage with participants on substantive issues of mutual interest
  • daily lunches at the Center, which often result in one-on-one meetings between potential collaborators
  • special events and recreational activities organized by the Center
  • Stanford campus colloquia and seminars provided by the Psychology Department, the Clayman Institute for Gender Research, the Humanities Center, etc.
Center Services The Center provides a range of services designed to make Fellows more effective and efficient while in residence, including:
  • library assistance
  • network and personal computer maintenance and support
  • fax and mail services
  • administrative services
  • pleasant work spaces at the Center
  • housing information for relocating to the Palo Alto area for the fellowship year
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